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The GWC at the 10th World Water Forum: Realizing SDG 6 in fragile and humanitarian contexts

23 May 2024


The Global WASH Cluster (GWC) is pleased to be part of the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia.

In collaboration with Solidarités International, and co-organized by Veolia Foundation and the Global Institute for Water Environment and Health (GIWEH), the session "Realizing SDG 6 in fragile and humanitarian contexts" will be held on 23 May 2024, 09:20-10:50 AM UTC+8

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Global humanitarian needs are at an alarming level, with 363 million people requiring assistance in 2023, a trend that has been growing in recent years. Fragile or extremely fragile states, as defined by the OECD, represent 1.9 billion people, i.e. 24% of the world's population, but 73% of those living in extreme poverty. In addition to the effects of security, economic, health and political crises, there are also the consequences of the climate crisis. The interdependence between fragility, conflict and climate change was recently highlighted at COP 28: it is estimated that 7 out of 10 of the countries most vulnerable to climate change are also among the most fragile. While the investments needed to achieve SDG 6 will have to be quadrupled globally, in these fragile contexts, 23 times as much effort is required to achieve universal access to a safe drinking water supply by 2030. If we are to leave no one behind, humanitarian action matters.

The session will delve into the complex obstacles that stand in the way of this essential access, and explore innovative strategies for responding quickly and effectively to immediate needs while laying the foundations for long-term resilience. It will address the crucial role of various actors - humanitarian and development NGOs, institutional players, and international organizations. It will emphasize the need for coordinated collaboration between these actors to achieve ambitious goals, while building their capacity and expertise in complementary ways. The session will also highlight the critical issue of funding in crisis contexts, exploring solutions to address the chronic under-funding of the humanitarian WASH sector. Discussions will lead to concrete and operational recommendations, as well as the formulation of best practices crucial to ensuring the achievement of sustainable development goals in contexts of crisis and fragility.


  • Introduction and setting the scene
    • Baptiste Lecuyot, Solidarités International
  • Panel discussion
    • TOPICS
      • Humanitarian development nexus
      • Partnership
      • Funding and advocacy
      • Coordination and localisation
      • Recommendations
      • Interaction with the audience (using Slido for example): 1 question at the beginning and 1 about takeaways
      • Bruno Pigott, Acting Assistant Administrator of Water, EPA
      • Rakèta Kompaoré, DG de la promotion de l’assainissement, BFA
      • Colline Arnoux, Butterfly Effect-CSO
      • Brooke Yamakoshi, UNICEF
      • Fabrice Fetz, SDC
      • Bénédicte Wallez, Veolia Foundation
      • Jean Damase Roamba, Parlement Burkinabé pour la jeunesse
      • Siobhan Mc Grath, GWC Climate Working Group Lead (International Organization for Migration)
  • Q&A
    • Facilitated by Muyatwa Sitali, Sanitation and Water for All
  • Case study presentation on sustainable, local solution
    • Mustika Wijaya, Solar Chapter
  • Closing

Session T2C2 - Realizing SDG 6 in fragile and humanitarian contexts - access here

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