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Fourth Edition of the GWC Newsletter 2024

Publication: 15 Apr 2024

In this edition, we bring you a rich and diverse array of news and key updates from National Coordination Platforms (NCPs), GWC members, and partners like UNICEF, WeWorld, PRO-WASH & SCALE, Institute of Development Studies, Loughborough University, and the Global Task Force on Cholera Control.Against the backdrop of a steadily-increasing escalation of humanitarian crises over the past years that left 339 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and protection globally in 2023, the GWC has shown steadfast commitment to ensuring effective and accountable humanitarian coordination for people affected by crises.

In its 2023 Annual Report, the GWC underscores the value of advocating for effective and accountable humanitarian WASH coordination through thought leadership and through the promotion of Collective Outcomes through "joined-up" action among humanitarian, development, and peace actors. The GWC also pledged to continuously advocate for adherence to International Humanitarian Law (IHL) to ensure the safety and protection of water resources, WASH personnel, and water infrastructure, in the second edition of its Advocacy Note for Collective Outcomes.

Other highlights of this edition:

  • Recap of the recently concluded GWC Humanitarian Talk at the European Humanitarian Forum 2024
  • Upcoming GWC 28th Annual Meeting and NCP Workshop
  • New partner resources launched as part of World Water Day 2024 celebration
  • Latest addition to the GWC Field Support Team (FST) Consortium

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