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Uncovering the Influence of Marketing Strategies on Menstrual Health Management During Covid-19 in Indonesia

The study examines the influence of marketing strategies on menstrual health management (MHM) among Indonesian women during the Covid-19 pan-demic. The research used a mixed-method approach, including quantitative sur-veys and qualitative focus group discussions. Using a sample size of 1,516 re-spondents, the quantitative findings indicate that marketing strategies did not af-fect the use of disposable sanitary pads or MHM preferences before the pan-demic. However, after Covid-19, marketing strategies of disposable sanitary products had a significant impact on MHM preferences. Qualitative findings re-vealed that product, price, and promotion are important aspects of marketing strategies that influence MHM during the pandemic. Due to increased time spent at home and internet usage, women have greater access to information about MHM. The study also found a rising awareness of reusable menstrual products, hygiene, and environmental concerns. Thus, the study recommends that men-strual product brands focus on product innovation and social media promotional activities to meet the changing needs of Indonesian women during and after the pandemic.

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