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Coagulant-based Emergency Water Treatment

Emergency  water  treatment  approaches  relying  on  coagulation  vary  from  centralised  modular  and  portable  ‘‘kits’’  to  ‘‘point-of-use’’  or  ‘‘household’’  interventions.  Typical  coagulation  practice  in  emergencies  is  reviewed  in  view  of  field  constraints  (  and  resources)  and  contrasted  with  underlying  theory  and  conventional  water  treatment  procedures.  Examples  of  coagulation  in  emergencies  are  also  presented  based  on  documented  field  experiences  alongside  the  discussion  of  other  relevant  issues such  as  process  control,  sludge  production  and  management,  ease  of  use,  and  aluminium  coagulant  residuals  in  finished  waters.


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Caetano C. Dorea

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