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Emergency Sanitation for Infants and Young Children Under 5 (IYCU5)

The aims of this study are to identify sanitation options for infants and young children less than five years old (IYCU5) in emergencies and management of excreta disposal options for the same age group, exploring their use and acceptability by beneficiaries. This report presents data collected from grey literature, such as emergency technical manuals, and secondly through an online questionnaire completed by 26 WASH practitioners with a range of experiences in emergency settings, highlighting relevant experiences and programmes that addressed provision of infant and young children sanitation in emergency settings. In addition, this report introduces the result of a workshop in which possible research questions were identified and prioritised. The study found that there are clear gaps in advice or information on sanitation or management of excreta disposal options for IYCU5 in emergencies within emergency technical guidelines. More than half of humanitarian sanitation interventions reported by survey participants (65%) did not include adaptation of programmes to suit different children's age groups. By contrast, health promotion to encourage caregivers of children to dispose of child faeces inside latrines was the intervention mentioned most frequently by survey participants (30%).

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