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The Application of Ecological Sanitation for Excreta Disposal in Disaster Relief Open Primary tabs configuration options Primary tabs

When responding to an emergency situation, ensuring safe excreta disposal is an urgent priority in the disaster relief effort. Depending on the environment, not all methods of sanitation are appropriate, so methods such as ecological sanitation (Ecosan) must be employed. Ecosan are sanitation methods and technologies that promote the safe resuse that allow additional benefits such as nutrient recovery, reforestation, and help begin post-disaster recovery and transition to sustainable development. There are four forms of Ecosan solutions: urine diverting dehydration toilets (UDDT), Arborloo, biodegradable bags, and composting toilets. The Ecosan solutions already in place have been found to be expensive and time consuming to construct or they don't provide adequate groundwater protection. In order to address these needs and increase the portability of the sanitation solutions, a rapidly deployable and inexpensive Ecosan solution has been proposed - the Porta Preta.

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