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Sanitation solutions for a refugee camp: Field trial of sanitation for the vulnerable

In most of the emergency project, we just provided facilities to help people in need to have some living environment. The vulnerable people are always forgotten in this environment. That the case of those ( 4% of refugees ) in the Bahn camp. In order to help them to fully exercise their rights, NGO Action Contre la Faim initiated a construction of specific latrines which will best answer the needs of the vulnerable. Knowing that the success and sustainability of sanitation projects is largely dependent on choosing an appropriate technology, and planning to ensure that the ongoing and long-term operations and maintenance requirements of the technology chosen will be met, beneficiaries were involved in all phases of the project. Focus groups, mini focus groups and individual interviews allowed vulnerable people to propose solution to their sanitation needs. Then, three models of vulnerable people latrines were designed and constructed. To allow all the vulnerable people in Bahn camp access to the latrines, ten specific latrines were constructed and 17 public latrines rehabilitated. Monitoring the use of the latrines (final phase of the project) shows us that beneficiaries have taken ownership of the latrines.

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