The global HP TWiG brings together hygiene promotion specialists from a range of NGO and UN organisations to focus on hygiene programming issues for the resolution of issues and elaboration of initiatives that can facilitate hygiene programming in operational contexts. The original HP TWiG for example, was instrumental in developing and designing the series of HP training resources for use with community hygiene workers, HP officers and HP coordinators.

The HP TWiG has been re-established partly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the absence of a singly HP coordination platform and discussion forum. The COVID response has led to multiple initiatives and engagement in the humanitarian sphere of HP, such as academic institutions.

The creation of the HP TWiG at this stage is in line with the GWC strategic objectives and commitment and vital to: 

i.) enhance the coordination of WASH cluster partners work on hygiene promotion in the context of the Covid-19 and longer-term,
ii.) ensure that multiple initiatives are complementary and iii.) in line with existing humanitarian standards

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