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Concept of Emergency Wastewater Infrastructure Provision in Minimizing the Impact of Potential Earthquake in Surabaya

Mass displacement to refugee camps often happens after an earthquake hits. Faecal oral transmission usually occurs causing disease outbreaks when people in mass displacement camps. Surabaya has a potential threat of an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter Scale. However, equipment readiness in wastewater infrastructure is still low at 21% during the emergency response period. Therefore, this research is needed in formulating the concept of emergency wastewater infrastructure provision to minimize the side effects of disease outbreaks. This study obtained primary data from 17 respondents. The first objective uses content analysis method. Then the second objective adopted triangulation analysis derived from three types of data, respondent opinions, policies, and best practices. The first objective disclosed 46 criteria for the provision of emergency wastewater infrastructure. Meanwhile, the second objective presented 38 potential actions and 18 concepts adjusted to disaster management cycle (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery). The mitigation phase focuses on stocktaking materials, establishing partnerships, training for volunteers, and optimizing the existing sanitation program. The preparedness focuses on forming a team to assess the needs of postdisaster conditions. The response phases divided into acute, general, and stabilization. The general stage focuses on determining suitable infrastructure, mobilizing volunteers and materials, and coordinating between agencies or clusters to handle wastewater. The acute stage focuses on rapid assessment and procurement of materials. The stabilization stage focuses on community involvement, determining the location of infrastructure, and handling waste from wastewater treatment. Finally, the recovery phase focuses on repairing the existing affected wastewater treatment plant.

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