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The Field Support Team (FST) mechanism is the principal means for the Global WASH Cluster (GWC) to provide operational support to National Coordination Platforms (NCPs) on coordination, information management, assessment and people-centred programming inclusion. The FST has provided surge support via a partner consortium to NCPs since 2008.

The current FST Consortium is led by Action contre la Faim, France and includes Oxfam GB, Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), iMMAP and IMPACT Initiatives . The consortium operates under a mandate given by the GWC’s Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) and seeks to secure independent funding for the deployment operations.

The FST provides support through surge deployments, remote support and global support to NCPs in achieving the 6+1 core functions, as outlined in the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Reference Module for Cluster Coordination.

The current FST includes four Cluster Coordinators, three Information Management Officers, one Assessment Specialist and a People-Centred Programming Specialist. The FST Consortium can provide additional staff on a consultancy basis.

To request support from the FST (or additional members), please review the services available and request process on the Operational Support section. The FST dashboard gives an overview of the support provided by the FST in 2021. The GWC’s monthly newsletters showcase the success stories from the FST’s deployments in 2021.

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Meet the FST

Abdoulaye Diallo

WASH Cluster Coordinator

View bio

Karl Lellouche

WASH Cluster Coordinator

View bio

Rebecka Rydberg

Assessment Specialist

View bio

Jason Searle

Information Management Officer

View bio

Ewan Chainey

Cluster Coordinator

View bio

Marij Zwart

FSM Technical Working Group Coordinator (Sr WASH advisor at NLRC)

View bio

Caroline Haar

Support Member: People-Centered Programming Coordinator

View Bio

Dana T. Cristescu

Support Member: Cash and Markets Advisor

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Jean Lapegue

Field Support Team Project Manager

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Key resources

  • The FST Vision 2022-2025 here
  • The FST Yearly report 2021 here
  • The FST leaflet 2021 (donors here & partners here )
  • The FST article from Humanitarian Alternatives 2021 here
  • The FST Video presentation from World Water Week 2021 here

FST Supported Countries

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