The Global WASH Cluster Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) was increased from 7 to 9 members in order to improve the representation of the Global WASH cluster partners.

Elections were organized and the SAG was largely renewed with new members. The SAG is now composed of 4 international NGOs (Welthungerhilfe, Solidarites International, ACF and NCA), 2 UN organizations (UNICEF as the Cluster Lead Agency, UNHCR), 1 international organization (IFRC), 1 representative of the National Cluster Coordinators (from State of Palestine) and 1 associated member (Red-R). In 2018, the new members of the SAG will be fully briefed on the challenges associated to the governance of the GWC.

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The Global WASH Cluster Advisory Group is responsible for the following:

  • Review and approve charter/statement of principles (which would include what each level of membership engagement should be)
  • Review and endorse global WASH cluster strategy
  • Advise on global WASH cluster priorities
  • It is not foreseen that the Advisory Group would need to function as a funding allocation committee, but in the unlikely event that such decisions are required, the AG would make recommendations to the holder of collective resources.
  • Establish Project Steering Groups to work on identified priorities
  • Support CAST in its role of  monitoring  and oversight of  Project Steering Groups
  • Review and approve annual work plan, and agree amendment to these work plans as necessary during the course of the year
  • Members (agencies) of the advisory group will commit to participation in communication (routinely electronically and to face to face periodically) and functioning of the group
  • Comments on/input into key strategy, advocacy and fund-raising documents
  • Review and endorse the global WASH cluster annual report