The GWC has developed a training pathway for both WASH Cluster partners and staff involved in coordination. This training pathway includes the following e-learning and face to face courses, most of them available in UNICEF AGORA’s catalogue.

WASH Coordination Induction

1-2 days E-learning. Provide essential information and tools to coordinate WASH Cluster. Based on GWC Coordination Tool Kit. For WASH partners or new UNICEF WASH staff fulfilling a WASH coordination role. 

Available on AGORA - Access here.

WASH Operational Coordination training (WOC)

5 days residential training providing operational tools and skills for WASH coordination.

Available on AGORA – Access here.

Leadership and coordination training (LeadCo)

5 days residential training to strengthen the skills for leading humanitarian WASH coordination platform. For expert level Humanitarian WASH cluster / sector coordinators.

Available on AGORA – Access here.

WOC and LeadCo training of trainers

11 days residential training of trainers on both WOC and L&C. Aimed at international consultants & UNICEF senior WASH staff.

Available on AGORA – Access here.

GWC Information Management Training

5 days residential training to provide Information Management Officers with advanced skills to support information management for WASH coordination platforms during emergencies.

Available on AGORA – Access here.

GWC Coordinated WASH assessment process Training

10 hours training to provide WASH coordination platform staff with advanced skills to support coordinated WASH assessment process at national and subnational level during emergencies.

Available on AGORA - Access here.

Market Based Programing for WASH in Emergency

5 days residential training. Build the capacity of WASH practitioners and sector coordinators to use market-based approaches (including cash transfer) to achieve WASH outcomes - Access here

Epidemiology and WASH

Understand progression of an outbreak, and monitor & evaluate WASH response.

Partners' briefing on humanitarian WASH coordination

This briefing package aims at improving WASH partners participation to cluster activities and knowledge of cluster outputs. It focuses on presenting cluster’s objective and outputs (strategic orientation, harmonized technical standard and methodologies, online document repository, specific tools and template used in country), and inform partners about the inputs they are expected to provide (input to monitoring framework, participation in cluster event and working groups)

Available on AGORA – Access here.