This section provides access to a range of tools & resources that have been developed by the Global WASH Cluster and the cluster's partners:

  • Coordination ToolKit

    The WASH Coordination Toolkit is a collection of resources to support Humanitarian WASH Coordinators, Information Management Officers, Partners or other interested groups in achieving effective coordination during an emergency response. The Toolkit consists of multiple sections that cover the Coordination Core Functions throughout the Humanitarian Programme Cycle.

  • Resource Centre
    It contains publications and documents extracted from existing databases or specific agency websites, such as peer-reviewed and grey literature success stories, lessons learned, and technical guidance.
  • OCTOPUS is the first collaborative online platform on emergency faecal sludge disposal and treatment!

  • Accountability and Quality Assurance Initiative

    Current response monitoring practices often focus on tracking activities or reach, rather than understanding whether the response is safe, inclusive, participatory and effective. This risks the response being managed to maximise outputs or beneficiary numbers, without understanding whether real progress is being made towards objectives or that commitments to quality are being fulfilled.

  • Emergency WASH Knowledge Portal

    The interactive Emergency WASH Knowledge Portal is a comprehensive capacity development and decision support tool that targets mainly humanitarian field staff, local first responders, engineers, planners, government representatives, capacity building agencies and other WASH professionals involved in humanitarian response.